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YJIAN也间设计擅于精研空间设计的创新与应用,注重理性和感性的碰撞,从项目的核心内容和需求出发,探索空间和艺术的结合,“间有尽 ,而意无穷”,致力于商业、酒店、办公、展览及其他艺术空间设计。

作为一个有创造力的团队,也间多次获得国内外设计奖项:亚太设计精英赛银奖;IPDA国际设计先锋银奖;金堂奖2021杰出作品奖;TOP DESIGN 100等奖项。

YJIAN Yejian design is good at the innovation and application of space design, pay attention to the collision of rationality and sensibility, starting from the core content and needs of the project, explore the combination of space and art, "between do and meaning infinite", in business, hotel, office, exhibition and other art space has rich practical experience.

As a creative team, we have won many design awards at home and abroad: Silver Award of Asia Pacific Design Excellence Competition; IPDA Silver Award for International Design Pioneer; Jintang Prize 2021 Outstanding Work Award; TOP DESIGN 100 awards, etc.